As part of its commitment to developing South Africa, Total South Africa was one of the first oil companies to introduce service stations in previously disadvantaged areas. Considered to be a pioneer in local employment, Total South Africa has been recognised for a substantial number of firsts when it comes to progressive transformation. Notably, it was the first multinational oil company in South Africa to appoint a female executive. During the 1960s, it was also the first oil company to introduce its brand into what were then known as predominantly black townships, also taking the initiative to appoint black service station owners.

About Total South Africa

Established in 1954, Total South Africa is 50.1% owned by France-based multinational Total. Total South Africa is an integral part of, and plays a significant role in, the international, world-class Total. This means that our company is able to benefit from shared access to internationally acclaimed best practices, technological expertise and top-flight business innovations.


Key Figures

  • 1954
    Total South Africa was established
  • 19,000km²
    off the coast of South Africa
  • 547
    service stations located throughout South Africa
  • 49.9%
    owned by South African shareholders - About Total Southern Africa

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