Multi-Service Stations to Help Drive Growth in Africa

Present in Africa for over 80 years, Total continues to contribute to the economic and social development of the continent, in a spirit of dialogue and partnership with all the parties involved. The Group is the leading distributor of oil products (fuel, lubricants, asphalt, LPG, etc.) with the largest network of service stations on the continent. To meet the needs of its two million customers per day, Total is diversifying the range of products and services on offer in its service stations, which are now becoming real "convenience stores".

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    Abda service station, Safi, Morocco.
    A flagship of the new Tair service stations, supporting the sustainable development process implemented by Total.

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    Yaounde, Cameroun
    Total has a network of some 4,200 service stations in 36 African countries.

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    Segou, Mali.
    Over the next five years, several hundred service stations like this one will open in Africa.

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    Mukono Highway Station, Jinja, Uganda.
    This downtown service station is diversifying its line-up of products and services, meeting the needs of the residents. It sells various food and household products.

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    Mobile payment solutions.
    Fuel: of course. Car washes: of course. Repairs: of course. But in 20 African countries, you can also deposit or withdraw money using your mobile phone.

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    Expanding the Total retail network goes hand in hand with — and helps spur — improved road infrastructure and urban development.

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More stations and more services

The Total retail network in Africa now has more than 4,200 service stations in 36 countries. Another several hundred will open within five years. As part of this expansion, stations are becoming multi-service points of sale, offering more than just fuel, lubricants, groceries and cash points.

For example, on a continent where over 70% of the people own mobile phones, Total is offering payment and money transfer solutions in partnership with carriers like Orange and Airtel. This service is available already in 20 African countries, and will soon be extended to ten more.

And by the end of 2016 the Group will have more than 300 fast food establishments.

Other services are also planned, such as the delivery of online purchases to service stations. A useful service for those with no home internet connection or standard postal address.

Through the expansion of its distribution service and its multiservice approach, Total will provide support to growth and change in Africa though the provision of the energy and services people need.

An exemplary employer

Our commitment to extending access to our products and services in Africa and our strong local presence allows us to better meet our customers’ expectations. The Group is training and recruiting hundreds of service station salespeople, supervisors and managers locally. The Young Managers (Jeunes gérants) programme has been running for 60 years and gives Total service station employees the chance to become managers through a training scheme and personalised mentoring.

“We are not just looking for people with the financial means to run our service stations but are willing to give a chance to people who are committed to running our service stations. That is what partnerships mean for us.”1 Momar Nguer, President, Marketing & Services.

Road safety is one of the Group’s key commitments. Lorries cover hundreds of thousands of kilometres each year to transport our products across the continent. The transport companies, employees, suppliers and the local population are therefore aware of the dangers of the road.





1 Investor day, 23 September 2015.

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