Investing in education to develop tomorrow's talent

Wherever we are located, access to education and the development of skills are of great importance to us. Working together is key in terms of cooperation, co-creation and co-construction with our stakeholders. This attitude unites all our educational programmes. It is how, every year, we help thousands of young people around the world on their journey to becoming tomorrow's talent. It inspires us to organise events that promote dialogue and collective inventiveness regarding the future of energy.


    Welcome Day 2016 at Total's headquarters in Paris

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    Dunkirk, France
    International Scholars visit the Oléum training centre.


    A Total International Scholar presents during a working session at the 2016 Total Energy Summer School.


    TESS students at the CNBC Sustainable Energy Brainstorm hosted by TESS, which challenged students to come up with innovative solutions for universal access to affordable energy.


    Total International Scholars pictured with the Head of Total International Scholarship Partnerships Department, Ghislaine Desmet-Marchand, and Erik Pinon, Deputy Manager of the International Scholarships Programme.

  • La première édition de la Total Energy Summer School (TESS) a eu lieu du 10 au 13 juillet 2016 et a rassemblé des étudiants, des universitaires de renom et des experts du secteur issus de 33 pays différents.

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Local partners for global action

For 10 years our Group has forged partnerships with schools and universities around the world. Cooperation between our affiliates and local academic institutions has enabled us to contribute to the areas of education, training and research.

For example, in Angola we have helped to open four high schools specialising in science since 2009, with support from the Ministry of Education and the organisation Mission Laïque Française. Every year 200 young people are awarded diplomas that facilitate their access to local and international higher education.

Furthermore, our Group has nearly 80 university partnerships and since 2004 has developed a programme of international scholarships. This programme has enabled more than 1,000 scholars from 37 countries to continue their higher studies in France and prepare for the challenges of future careers in energy. It is also a chance for them to discover the Total Group, French culture and the European context, and enjoy a multicultural experience with all the other Total scholarship recipients.

"Our Group has always been involved with developing human capital in our host countries and in doing so we listen to local players. Through these partnership conditions we can jointly contribute to ambitious long-term education projects".

Andrew Hogg - Total Education Director, Total Group

Knowledge for everyone

Our education programmes enable and promote exchanges between generations and cultures and between the most renowned experts and the student community. This is why we have established Total Campus, a platform where almost 150,000 students, professionals and members of the international education community can discover Total's careers and activities and, through competitions, project tenders and events, discuss and participate in our initiatives. This includes the Total Energy Summer School (TESS), which for the first time in 2016 brought together students, experts from the Group, teachers and researchers from around the world. The programme involved three days of workshops to debate future energy challenges in the areas of science, industry, the economy, education and social responsibility. Some meetings were uploaded live or pre-recorded onto the Total Campus website in order that the debates could reach a wider audience. We also encouraged internet users to post questions on social media to increase exchanges.

“The four days included various activities ranging from informative lectures to fun activities and a teamwork challenge. It was inspiring meeting all those professionals from the energy industry and learning from their experiences, as well getting in touch with students from across the globe".

Rawan Salah from the American University of Sharjah (sponsored by Total UAE MS)

Finally, in order to make knowledge about energy available to more people, Total began supporting the first free specialised MOOC1 in the oil and gas sector in 2015. Created by the IFP School2, it focuses on the entire supply chain in our industry, from exploration and production to refining and petrochemistry through to distribution. By making one session per year available in English and French, the MOOC has so far attracted more than 43,000 participants.

Our Group is committed to building a responsible energy future. Faced with these future challenges, we understand the importance of access to education, the transfer of knowledge, the sharing of expertise and benefitting from the richness of diversity and ideas in the world around us. At Total all energies are welcome so that we can address these challenges.


1 Massive Open Online Course

2 As a key component of the IFP Energies Nouvelles centre, the IFP School prepares tomorrow's specialists to address the challenges of energy transition.

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