12/02/2016 - News

Working with vendors to ensure they comply with Total South Africa’s needs just got easier

Working at Height

It has always been a challenge for our vendors to demonstrate compliance, but with “Safety First”, a key strategy for 2016, it is more essential than ever.  In order to achieve this goal, Total South Africa kicked off with the ComplyWorks Contractor Management Solution in February last year.

ComplyWorks is a web-based application or Software as a Service (SaaS), consisting of a suite of scalable and flexible tools to meet the unique requirements from any procuring company to their contractors and suppliers. It is coupled with a Customer Support, Implementation Team, Account Management and on-going support.


Total South Africa ComplyWorks specifications include tools for the following outputs:

Prequalification Suppliers (company compliance)

Asset Management (compliance of the Supplier’s Assets)

Compliance reporting with automated alerts and notifications

Supplier engagement processes

Electronic Safety File approval

Secure documents storage

Trackable communication tool

Documents vs data verifications


We are very pleased that within the past year the Prequalification and Supplier Assets management tool has been successfully rolled out and we are busy with the first phase of on boarding Suppliers. The Supplier engagement process is also in the process of being rolled out.

The Asset Management tools of ComplyWorks assist with the Compliancy requirements of the assets within the Supplier Company; including individuals’ requirements and competencies, PPE, tools and equipment, vehicles and hours worked. It does this by enabling Total South Africa to push down the requirements and supporting documents to suppliers. The suppliers are able to view these requirements in their profile and instantly asses their compliancy status as measured against these requirements.

This marks an exciting technological advance for Total South Africa where digital tools are able to assist us to work with our suppliers more efficiently, and above all ensure our safety standards are adhered to.