Energy is at the heart of meeting the challenge to keep global temperature change below 2°C. It will require making a monumental shift. Total is actively working on this transformation to deliver:

  • Safer energy: safety is much more than a priority for Total, it's a value. We are doing whatever it takes to become the benchmark within the industry for safe energy.
  • Cleaner energy: we are improving our energy mix by integrating the International Energy Agency's 2°C guideline into our Group Global Strategy to reduce our environmental footprint by 2035.
  • Affordable energy for all: as an international energy group, we have a responsibility to extend access to affordable energy to people around the world, even the most isolated populations.

Every day, Total's workforce of 96,000 men and women in over 130 countries work to make our Group the leader in responsible energy. 

Responsible and sustainable action

Becoming the leader in responsible energy requires developing sustainable, constructive and transparent relationships with all our stakeholders, across our entire organisation. At Total, environmental and societal responsibility is a priority in the Group's activities so we can all work together toward sustainable growth.

Mobilising energy

The men and women at Total work hard every day to deliver better energy. Our Group strives to be a model employer for each and every one of them by offering its employees a chance to achieve their full potential in our company's 500 professions. Our policy in all corners of the globe is focused on equal opportunity and diversity.


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